What do canned craft beer and clothes have in common? Let me explain with a little story. When I’m looking into my closet in the morning, I just can’t decide on what to wear. So many colors, so many patterns! The same thing happens in the supermarket standing in front of store shelves. Sensory overload at its best! In situations like these outstanding packaging strikes me immediately. Even though I was always thinking of myself not judging books by their cover! But let’s be honest: We all do. After all, it’s a product’s design that stands out at first sight and leads to spending loads of money, isn’t it?

Canned Craft Beer: It’s Not All About the Looks

Well, this is what I learned the hard way searching for a tasty craft beer last Friday. Feeling overwhelmed by the diversity that jumped at me right from the shelf, I must have looked totally overstrained. This caught Peter’s attention, who’s known for being a true craft beer enthusiast. Luckily, he decided to let me in on the secrets of canned craft beer and told me his personal top 5 pros for it:

1. It’s Fresh, Fresh – Exciting

There’s nothing like enjoying your IPA when its unique hop aroma is as fresh as if it came straight out of the brewery. This is exactly what craft beer stocked in cans makes possible: This kind of packaging protects your drink from harmful UV light AND oxidization. Yeah!

2. It’s Cool Man

As if this wasn’t enough, cans chill craft beer much quicker than their glass bottle counterparts – thanks to their metal skin. This miracle material cools down really fast so that there’s no need to wait long before enjoying your cold stout. Cheers!

3. Canned Craft Beer: A Real All-Rounder

Due to their weight and shape, cans are perfectly portable, packable and stackable, which makes them safe, easy and economical to carry, transport or store. In other words: More fridge space for more craft beer. Now, let’s have a party with your friends!

4. Drinking for the Environment

Beyond this, cans are environmentally friendly: They can be recycled over and over again. Enjoying a beer and simultaneously making a positive contribution to the environment! Couldn’t be any better, right?

5. The Sky’s the Limit

Nonetheless, there’s more to canned craft beer than just the drinking experience. The endless design options of cans make them visual treats and provide you with beautiful pieces of art for your living room on top. Not convinced yet? Then have a look at these beauties:

Phew, can you imagine how relieved I was realizing that these reasons are simply unbeatable and speak for themselves? I haven’t been trapped by a marketing ploy – at least not completely. 😉 So, whenever I treat myself to a craft beer again, I’m going to end up with a can in my hands once more, fully aware of my motives!

PS: Needless to say that cans are not only the perfect match for craft beers. All sorts of drinks benefit from cans. What is your favorite canned beverage? Tell me in the comment section below!

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