For some people, the upcoming car-free Sunday will be a real challenge. For them, it’s completely impossible to not get around by car. Folks, this post is for you: here’s our top 5 “Alternatives to Owning a Car” so you’ll get around easily on car-free Sunday:Walking is the Best Medicine

If you’re lucky to live in a place where everything important is close to you, fine! Just take a quick walk if you need something. It’s the cheapest alternative, even if it probably takes the longest. But you’ll see that it’s good for you and your health. Take it as a kind of exercise and soon you’ll feel fitter, happier and you make sure you’re getting some fresh air. Besides, you’re doing something good for the environment. Fun fact: Walking 30 minutes each day can help you burn at least 100 calories (depending on your current weight and diet). 


When in Doubt, Pedal It Out

If you’re not sure if your destination is too far for a walk, a bike might be the solution! The same advantages apply here: exercise and fresh air. However, you are much faster and therefore able to cover longer distances. Considering the traffic, you may even reach your destination faster by bike than by car. And you don’t need to search (or pay) for a parking space. Additionally, there are many bicycle friendly cities in Europe. If you’re from the lazy side of life, you can also use an E-Bike. So, now you’re wondering where to put your groceries? Don’t worry! You can attach saddlebags or a basket to your bike.


They See Me Rollin’: (E-) Scooter

Nowadays, beside the conventional scooters probably everyone used as a kid, you additionally have the option to choose an E-Scooter, the counterpart to E-Bikes. With a small electric motor, it takes you quickly wherever you want. You can choose to buy your own, or to rent one (it’s similar to sharing E-Bikes or cars). But obviously, an E-Scooter is more expensive than a conventional one. And the E-Scooter sharing providers are a bit on the pricier end, as well.


Sharing is Caring: Uber or Car Sharing

If you really need to go by car, these two ideas can be good alternatives to owning one as well: Either you take an uber or you register with a car sharing company and rent a car for a certain period of time – whenever you want. It’s still better for our environment, because having your own car, you are often inclined to use it instead of choosing an alternative, such as mentioned above. Another plus about Uber driving: You get to know new people.



Like Sightseeing: Public Transport

Using public transportation, like trains and busses, is still the most common alternative to cars. Some people think it costs the same as owning a car, but that’s not true! One way to reduce your public transportation costs is to buy a monthly ticket instead of paying the fare every time you take a bus or train. If you’re a student, a senior or you work for a particular company, you’ll probably get the ticket for a special price. Further advantages: no searching or paying for parking, no repair and gas costs, less traffic problems and less CO2 output for our environment. And what’s best: If you’re new to a city, you’ll see it from a different side when sitting in a bus or tram – it’s like a sightseeing tour.


Beside these 5 alternatives, of course there are much more ways to survive without a car. How about trying one of them out on September 22nd – the world’s car-free-day?

For further information about the future of modern mobility, check out this blog post by IAA, which no longer just focuses on automobiles, but efficient and sustainable mobility solutions in general.

If you need some more inspiration or a good role model who presents modern mobility solutions and innovative ideas, you’ll probably like the site of GiGadgets. They show up great innovations and technologies that are able to change the way we live, for a better future.

Do you own a car or are you living the car-free life? Which alternatives to a car do you use?

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