I remember very well the moment I totally fell in love with cans. It was a cosy Sunday evening, I cooked a delicious meal which contained canned beet, canned white beans and drank a cold coke – in a can, of course. I saw all these beautiful cans shining in the light of my kitchen and thought “what is so special about them?” I took my mobile phone and asked the internet. And so my can loving heart made its first beat …

I’m pretty sure you already like cans, as you are here, reading this article. If not, I guarantee you’ll LOVE cans when you’re done reading. So here are my four most favourite ways to fall in love with cans.

1. Cans are Recycling Champions!

Did you know that cans are endlessly recyclable? Packaging steel makes it possible because it can change its form easily, while its structure and characteristics stay. So, it might be that the cans your beans come in used to be a part of an airplane before. Crazy, right? Cans are a really sustainable choice. For example, making aluminium from recycled cans uses as little as 5 percent of the energy you would need for producing it from its raw materials. Steel cans have a similar sustainable character, as you can save at least 70 percent of the energy through their recycling.  

2. Tasty, Tastier, Food in Cans!

Did you ever notice how much delicious food is served in cans? It’s a lot! Beans, tuna, salmon, tomatoes, olives, fruits … Yummy! There’s a can for every meal I cook, I think. And what’s a great side effect of food in a can: it has a very long shelf-life.

Also many restaurants know about how great canned food is, they serve it to their guests and they love it.

3. Your Partner in Crime For DIYs!

This is the point I love most about cans! Cans are so cannovative! 😉 You can create so many beautiful and useful things with the help of cans all by yourself! Wine racks, funny games for your next party, cute decorations for your apartment, jewellery – there are no boundaries for your creativity! Say you’re a messy person and your clothes are everywhere where they should not be? What about a coat-rack made of cans?

4. An International Star

Last but not least: cans are quite international. I’m pretty sure there is no country all over the world, where you won’t find a can in a supermarket! We found them in Germany, in Spain, in Poland, in Greece – cans are everywhere and all those countries serve their specialties in it! How great is that? So, whenever I visit a new country, I bring cans as souvenirs!

You see, there are plenty ways to fall in love with cans and many reasons why cans are super cool. They are sustainable as they are recycling champions, they are multifunctional for great DIYs, they often contain delicious food and they are international!

Do you have another good reason to love cans? Tell us in the comments below!

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