Just because beer is a semiluxury food doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Once again, it’s all about eco-friendly choices. Did you, for example, ever notice that it takes less time to chill a can of beer than a bottle of beer? It’s not only true, it makes canned beer the more convenient (and energy saving) option. And it’s also more durable. Whatever you do with the can before you open it, it always stays pressurized and ready for consumption. Canned beer: the convenient and sustainable choice!

#1 Natural Resources

In a circular economy, raw materials are only needed to create a product for the first time. After that, the cycle works without adding new virgin materials to the mix, since all resources stay in the loop! Aluminum cans use a lot less material than glass bottles to contain approximately the same product. An aluminum can weighs about 15 grams, while a glass bottle weighs in at 170 grams. Which means that even if the aluminum cans were ten times as energy intensive to produce as glass bottles – which they are not! – the cans would still represent a lower overall impact. Recycling cans saves even more energy.

#2 Recycling

Recycling has become very complicated, with many being disillusioned over claims and recycling myths that continue to circulate. But if there is one packaging that you don’t need to worry about being recycled it is metal packaging: only 5% of metal goes to the landfills, compared to 19% of glass and plastic. In some countries glass isn’t recycled at all, since it is made from sand which often makes producing new bottles from raw materials cheaper than recycling old ones. Recycled aluminum, on the other hand, has a much lower impact than virgin aluminum because it eliminates the mining, refining, and processing stages of the material’s lifecycle.

#3 Weight

As we already mentioned, glass beer bottles weigh over eleven times more than aluminum beer cans. This has a huge impact on the resulting transportation emissions of both the incoming empties and the outgoing product. A twelve-ounce glass bottle contains 350 grams of beer and weighs a total of 520 grams, while a comparable can weighs only 365 grams. Light is right.

#4 Protection

We all know that cans are ideal for preserving fresh fruit, veggies and legumes. And the same is true for all other foods and beverages too. Aluminum cans provide perfect protection from oxygen and light, especially when compared to bottles. This is good for consumers in that it’s ideal for preventing spoilage and loss, allowing a higher percentage of product to reach the retailers and consumers.


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