Guess what I learned last week! Summer involves more than just cocktails, swimming and picnics – it also means spontaneity. So it happened that on Thursday my friends came by unannounced. They’d been around and thought we could have a little party. I got jumped. Don’t get me wrong: I love them and when they show up it’s always fun. But of all times, had it to be the day my flat was a complete mess?

Killing Two Birds with a Can

I opened the door having the mountains of dishes in mind that I piled up in my kitchen. Because hey, who seriously thinks about rinsing when summer is calling? But now I had a problem: I knew that there was not a single clean glass! Suddenly I had a genius idea. Why not kill two birds with one stone? And so I opened a can of pineapples and strawberries and started mixing these 2 delicious cocktails.

Party Saver #1: Licor 43 Sangria

Cans for Life Sangria Licor 43

For the Licor 43 Sangria, I poured 2 bottles of white wine into a large pitcher. Then I added 1,5 cups of Licor 43 and refined this with the content of a can of crushed pineapple. As I had no time to refrigerate the drink, I used ice cubes to get it at least somewhat chilled. Just have a look at the result – your mouth will be watering for sure!

Party Saver #2: Strawberry Daiquiri

Cans for Life Sangria Strawberry Daiquirie

Next, I got some rum from my bar, mixed 1 cup of it with ¼ cup of squeezed lime, opened two cans of strawberries and combined all the ingredients in a blender. After it was smooth enough, I added some ice until the Strawberry Daiquiri reached the perfect consistency. FYI: I replaced the fresh strawberries from the recipe with canned ones because I love their intense taste. 😉  

Now, you are curious where I put the cocktails in, right? Well, because I consider myself smart and clever I served the drinks in the empty cans! Just put a straw in and cheers!

How a Canned Gin Tonic Saved the Party

My third party saver also comes in a can: Gin Tonic. As my luck would have it, my friend Lisa is allergic to pineapples AND strawberries, poor girl. When already worrying that she might end up with tap water, I remembered the yummy cocktail in a can I discovered strolling through the supermarket some weeks ago. Phew, I was super happy!

One thing is clear: This spontaneous party was a full success crying out to be repeated!

What are your party hacks? Have you ever turned a can in a drinking vessel or tried a canned cocktail? Share your experiences with me!

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