Last summer, I fulfilled a long-cherished childhood wish: driving a caravan through Sweden. As a child I always liked to read the stories of Astrid Lindgren and watched all the movies. From Madicken to Pipi Longstocking to Karlsson-on-the-Roof – I loved the stories (and I still do). The trip was something very special for me, because it brought back so many memories. For the first time, I was able to see with my own eyes many places that I had only seen in movies before. And I had the opportunity to try many Swedish specialities.

Since me and my best friend were only equipped with a camping stove on our trip, the meals had to be as simple as possible. But Swedish supermarkets made it really easy for us, because they are just such can lovers like us. I tried my way through a lot of cans and I couldn’t help but share my highlights with you.

1. Surströmming

Okay, I admit, the smell is not for everyone. When I first opened a can of Surströmming, I thought it was a definite mistake. Why does everyone say this fish is so tasty when it smells so bad at the same time? But luckily I dared to try it anyway. What can I say: I love it! Together with some tasty bread and a cool beer, it’s a perfect dinner at the campsite. (Tip: always open the can outside – otherwise you won’t get rid of the smell so quickly).

2. Sofiero Original

Speaking of beer: of course, I also tried many different kinds of beer. But my favourite one was clear very quickly: Sofiero Original. It’s pleasantly mild and refreshing. But beware: beer and alcohol in general are relatively expensive in Sweden. Plus, you only get it in special shops and not in normal supermarkets. So, a can of cool beer gets a completely different value.

3. Abba Champinjon- & Skinkstuvning

This paste is a true all-rounder. I love it on sandwiches, with omelette, but it can also be used as a base for a delicious pasta sauce. I remember one evening after a very long hiking day – my appetite was huge! A big portion of noodles with Champinjon- & Skinkstuvning saved my life. I took a few cans home with me right away.

Now, I’m getting all nostalgic! It’s time again for a movie night with my favourite Swedish children’s films. Maybe I even have a few cans of Sofiero Original left in my pantry.

Do you know any other canned specialties from Sweden? Leave us a comment!

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