Wow, this summer was what I call a great summer! In Germany, it was so hot and sunny over a long period of time – what’s actually rare here – and I really enjoyed it. But my favourite part of summer was definitely my trip to Greece! Never-ending beaches, clear blue ocean, the sun on my skin, friendly people, extraordinary architecture … I absolutely love that country.

A Canny Surprise 

But what I like most is Greek food – of course! I was totally surprised when I discovered Greek specialties in a way I never expected them: in cans!

They have vine leaves filled with rice, olives, sardines and much more. My can-loving heart bounced like crazy and this is why I have to share some of my most favourite canned specialties from Greece with you!


I’m a real honey junky! I use it in tea, I love it in yoghurt or on fresh bread with a slice of butter, and I even put it on my lips if they are dry (I know it’s very hard not to lick it off). I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was when I saw honey in cans – in huge cans! They’re absolutely perfect to preserve its best qualities. Canned honey is creamy and intense, just how I like it. Thank you Greece for a great combination of two things I love: honey and cans!

Olive Oil

Which oil do you use when you’re cooking? To be honest, I might use rapeseed oil a little too often. But when I ambled through this cute little Greek supermarket I saw olive oil in cans! No wonder I had to buy it and I directly tried it when I got back to our apartment. I know that olive oil isn’t only a Greek specialty but hey, they offer it in cans. I guess it doesn’t get any better.


I’m sure you know one Greek specialty not everybody likes because it has its own taste and consistency. I’m talking about squids, or as the Greek call it: calamari. Canned calamari was the most unexpected surprise during my holiday in beautiful Greece. But there’s a good reason to offer it in a can: Just like sardines, squids develop a more proper flavour when they’re canned. Great for people who really like it.

More Cans Than Clothes

While other girls buy clothes or souvenirs when they’re on a trip, I collect cans filled with specialties from the country. After my holiday in Greece I came back to Germany with more cans in my baggage than clothes! I can’t wait to eat all this yummy food and to create something nice with all the cans as a memory for this beautiful holiday!

You see, there’s plenty of food in cans you don’t expect in Greece. What extraordinary food did you find in a can abroad? Tell us about your experience!


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