Je ne parle pas français … This song from Namika is stuck in my head for days now! Sorry if I infected you as well. Isn’t it a catchy tune?

But it’s true: French is a nice language and it’s too bad that I don’t speak it, except for a few sentences. But what I do know very well is French food – although I’ve only been to this beautiful country twice! Next to the great specialties everyone knows, like Crêpes for example, French people have a really delicious cuisine! There are so many recipes I love and guess what? You can get some of them in cans! So, here are my three canned favourites I would take home with me if I ever manage to visit France again:

Escargot de Bourgogne

This may sound crazy for some people, but snails, or better escargots, are very common in French cuisine! Did you ever try one? And I mean really tried, not like little kids do while they’re playing in the garden … In France, escargots are served in a delicious sauce of butter and garlic or in soups, for example. And, surprise, you can get them in cans! I was 17 when I tried them for the first time and it was my first trip to France, so it was something very special for me. I was really excited and afraid that I wouldn’t like them, because I never was a friend of snails before. They are so slimy. But Escargot de Bourgogne was very good, especially with garlic sauce!


Another great French food you can buy in cans is ratatouille. You may know this cute little rat called Rémy from the Disney movie who wants to be a chef and who makes an exquisite ratatouille. This meal is kind of a stew with various vegetables and can be served as main course or side order. The veggies are usually braised and it’s not only healthy but very delicious! Honestly, I didn’t know it before I watched Rémy cooking it, but it looked so yummy. I searched for a recipe, tried it the next day and loved it. One year later I had a real “ratatouille moment”, when I first ordered it in a restaurant in Paris. Since then ratatouille is one of my most favourite side orders!  


Not to forget about those having a sweet tooth: macarons! Definitely my most favourite French sweet! It’s a kind of meringue made with almond meal. There are different types of macarons but the most common and popular are the colourful ones made with a sweet cream. These different colours also differ in taste – you can get various fruits or flavours like chocolate, vanilla and much more. And in some cases, they sell them in a beautifully decorated can – totally chic., I remember very well the last time I was in France and how we were sitting at the Seine in the sun, eating macarons … It’s literally one of my sweetest memories.

I was quite surprised when I saw what great French specialties come in cans. What I am really curious about are frogs’ legs! I think I will buy a can of them and try it – at least it’s a very special can. Heck, now I made my mouth watering all by myself. What definitely is on my list now is a trip to France to learn more about their cuisine.

Do you know more specialties from France or another country that are filled in cans? We’re always curious about your experience, so tell us in the comments below.

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